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Wedding Bells!

We feel so blessed to finally were able to do this "right"!

We got married in front of a judge & two witnesses back in March 2020 in Arizona, right before COVID hit, but we knew all along that we wanted to have a church wedding eventually too, (ours was canceled - you probably heard this story by now :)

Since our initial wedding was supposed to happen in Belgium, our Church in the US, contacted our Church in Brussels and sent them all the wedding documents.

I contacted the priest and told him that we were coming for two weeks and that we would love to do a very small, intimate ceremony to make things "church official". He was happy to accept and we planned the whole thing!

We met him a few days before the day we set and went over the details.

I knew I don't want to invite 200 people or to wear my big, extravagant and beautiful wedding dress, (still crying over this). It just didn't feel right, you know? In our minds (and on paper), we've already been married for over a year and a half so it seemed silly to make a huge deal out of it.

I opted to wear a simple Badgley Mishka white dress and assorted white coat and my white Dior slingback shoes.

For my something blue, I wore my sapphire earrings, the something borrowed was one of my mom's pearls brooch and my something old was a white lace handkerchief that was blessed by a priest in an old church in Italy that my mom kept preciously for years.

And just like that, we got to say “I Do” again In front of a priest, a photographer, and 10 members of my family.

It was a really sweet and special moment, in one of the most beautiful churches!

*It was also all in french, so my poor husband has no idea what he agreed to :)


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