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September has always been the month of new beginnings for me. I always loved the "back to school" period. As a kid, you get to buy new pens, notebooks, backpacks, and even new clothes - if you're lucky enough.

You start fresh. And who doesn't love a fresh start?

I think it's the perfect time to set new goals and intentions.

Another thing I always loved, is the first crisp breeze that sneaks up on you when you don't expect it. That first chill. Those foggy mornings. When the leaves change colors, with the promise of rainy days, cashmere sweaters, soft blankets, cozy evenings, and good thrillers books ahead.

It's time to dust off your favorite coat, scarves, and beret (or hat or beanie), polish your favorite leather boots, and start putting together a fall lookbook.

The end of the year is slowly approaching and it's the perfect time to reflect. Sometimes people mourn the end of the summer with a certain sadness, and I understand. However, I learned to accept and even dare I say welcome what you can't change.

I miss living in a place with four real seasons. Where I live, we only have Spring & Summer, and while it's amazing to see bright blue skies every single day, the years can seem long since there are no transitions. Luckily, autumn is only a 2 hours drive away, in Northern Arizona. And believe me, it's beautiful!

What do you love the most about fall?


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