The Power Of Gratitude

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“Be satisfied. I am grateful to have so many special, kind and wonderful friends and family members in my life, so I do all that I can to share my heart and life with them all throughout the year.”

It might be cliche but having an attitude of gratitude begins with taking stock of everything good in your life.

This is like hitting the “pause” button in a fast-paced, competitive society which always tells us to want more, more, more.

It’s great to aspire and challenge yourself.

But to enjoy the journey to its fullest, “be here now” and celebrate today.

Take every opportunity to stop "and smell the roses", because you may notice lots of other flowers blossoming in your path, too.

I truly believe this is the ultimate secret of a full, happy, joyful, beautiful life!

Maybe you don't feel grateful every day, or maybe there are things you wish were different in your life, and it's okay. Being grateful and thankful does not mean everything is perfect around you.

But the more you will focus on the good, the more good things you'll see coming to you.

We are all scared, concerned, worried about our loved ones, our health, our economy or personal financial situation, our job, on different degrees, in those uncertain times.

It's understandable.

That's why now more than ever, we should set aside 15 minutes every morning to breathe deeply and slowly, and name 3 things for which we are grateful.

Our body, a roof over our head, family, friends, kind strangers, good books, music, sunshine, birds chirping, walking barefoot, our pets, a comfy bed, faith, spirituality, art, whatever makes your heart happy.

And yes, it might be easier said than done. Gratitude is a muscle. When you go to the gym for the first time in years, you don't start by benching 300. But you train every single day until it becomes second nature.

Write a gratitude journal, or even on Post-It notes that you stick on the bathroom mirror every day. Within a few weeks, you’ll have quite a “gratitude gallery!”

Every night as you lie down to sleep, take inventory from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Express thanks for all of the working parts.

Morning or night, cleanse your skin and take care of your body, of your spirit and of your soul.

More rewarding ways to discover gratitude:

1. Notice good things, look for them, appreciate them.

The sun came up. The world is still turning. It’s gonna be a great day!

Got a friend to call? A loved one to talk to? A close family member, a garden to tend, or a wonderful pet? Maybe a new pair of socks? Okay, your life is golden!

2. Thank everyone in your life who helped you get to where you are today. 

You can thank them silently, call, text, email or write them a beautiful handwritten letter.


Thank ancestors for your genes.

Thank the teacher who took your class to the planetarium or museum on a field trip.

Thank your BFF for killing that really scary spider in your bathroom last week.

3. Thank yourself!

Example: Thank your body. 

Your heart is beating. You’re breathing. You’re off to a good start!

Are you in good health? This alone is a tremendous reason to be thankful.

If you’re dedicated to improving your health, thank yourself for that, too. Not every success or achievement in life gets you a trophy, but experiencing gratitude for small victories puts joy in your life. 

Express thanks to your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing faithfully.

Thank your body with a jog, a swim, a massage, a wonderful meal.

Thank your skin by protecting it with some solid SPF every day.

Here’s the thing with being grateful and appreciative: it’s habit-forming. 

The more gratitude you express, the more you will find to appreciate.