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Prescott, Arizona

A few weeks ago we took a little road trip up north, to Prescott!

It is one of my favorite places to retreat when the weather is too warm for comfort in Phoenix.

Located only two hours from our home, it's an easy and scenic route and the town never fails to give me all the Hallmark feels!

Downtown is full of great restaurants, fun bars, ice cream parlors, and cute local shops. The woods are tick and full of wildlife and you can find any type of house, from huge wood cabins to gorgeous victorian manors, to vast single-family homes with a real midwest-vibe!

This time, we rented an Airbnb located 8 minutes from downtown. The property was located on a few private acres surrounded by woods, and if it's all beautiful and dreamy during the day, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous at night time, haha (this girl watched way too much horror movies, I know..). We had no wifi or phone service, so it was our chance to unplug, play board games, read good books and write!

It was also the first time our puppy, Gaston tagged along for a gateway and he did so well!

He was a trooper in the car and didn't try to chase too many deers and javelina (thank god!).

It was also the very first time he climbed up and down stairs since our house is only one level.

He was a little unsure to start but got hang of it quickly and before we knew it that was his favorite game, which was hilarious.

I'll let you with a few pictures!

How I miss the fall colors already! It's still 28/82 degrees in Phoenix today, ugh!


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