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My Babies Must-Haves!

You know, the truth is, despite everything you can see left and right (looking at you; Instagram!), you don't need a whole lot for your beautiful, precious bundle of joy.

Most parents don't even use everything on their registry (tips, if you're not sure what to ask for, go with an Amazon diaper funds!)

Is it convenient to have a BabyBrezza Formula Pro Advance that automatically mixes, warms & dispenses bottles? Sure! It is necessary? Heck no!

You pour water, add a few scoops of formula, shake three times, and boom! your bottle is ready in 7 seconds, and you saved $300.

Do you need the Holy-Creme-de-la-Creme Snoo bassinet? The Coterie diapers? The Zeitgeist Sahara silk & cashmere baby carrier? Again, no. But this is only my very humble opinion.

Before buying anything, I always think about what my pediatrician told me on our first visit: "You know, St Tropez is full of yachts owned by people who convinced anxious and tired parents they needed their products for their babies."

I like to keep in mind two things:

- High price doesn't always mean good quality

- Spending mindfully doesn't mean that your baby is not worth it or that you should feel guilty not splurging.

Instead, open a savings or investment account, and every time you save on an item, put the difference on it! He or she'll thank you way more in a few years :)

So without further adieu, here are my tried and true baby must-haves!

1) The Baby Shusher This portable sound machine helps soothe babies to sleep. Personal tip: Don't buy The Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, we got two of them, and they are not worth the money. I honestly don't get the hype around them.

2) Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. My little favorite! Arthur hated to be swaddled. Hated it. It was a fight every night, and it would break my heart to see his little body trying to break free (which he did a few times!). For us, the Sleep Suit was the perfect solution. As soon as he got big enough (around 8-9 weeks old), we put it on, and from night 1, he slept 12 hours straight! MAGIC. I recommend this a100%!

3) A Baby Lounger. No need to splurge on the Snuggle Me. We did and later on we bought a $30 alternative and it was even better.

4) The Taking Cara Babies sleep classes! Ahhhh there is definitely a method to the madness and she's great at teaching it. Those online classes are worth it; your baby will sleep like a champ in no time!

5) The BabySense non-contact Baby Breathing Movement Monitor. Like every first-time parent, we were concerned about SIDS. We researched a few products and opted for the BabySense non-contact Baby Breathing Movement Monitor. It's two pressure plates that you slide under the mattress (bassinet or crib); you then activate the captor that monitors the breathing whenever your baby is present in the bed. A very clear, loud alarm goes off if the baby stops breathing. It doesn't require wifi, it's super affordable, it's highly reliable, and it's easy to take with you when you travel.

6) BabyBjorn baby bouncer! Super convenient when you need baby near you in the kitchen, bathroom, or office and needs your hands free.

8) The Joovy Balloon stroller. This is the travel stroller we opted for! It's incredibly light and easy to fold and it's one of the only stroller for newborn that doesn't require an attachment and lays almost flat!

Arthur took all of his naps on the go when we were in Europe and loved it! It was so so convenient.

The canopy is super deep and covers almost completely the baby, which is great for privacy when they nap (SPF50+!). Now, this stroller has some cons: The wheels are plastic and don't absorb the shocks at all. It's also very affordable compared to other travel strollers (less than $200)! They lost ours at the Frankfurt airport, and I'm still sad about it!

What are your must-haves?! I would love to know!

Xo, Julie

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