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Little Fashion Pointers

Did you know there is an adage saying that a woman should only wear diamonds at night? Meaning reserving your most shiny pieces for after 6 PM.

While it might not be relevant as much today, this is something I'm still personally following with one exception: my little diamond earrings studs!

Pearls are the perfect accessory to wear during the day!

They’re classic, beautiful, elegant, and timeless.

However, choose them carefully.

A wild pearl from the South Sea and Tahiti will be worth more than a cultured pearl.

The Akoya Pearls represent some of the best-cultured pearls available today. Known for their metallic luster and perfectly round shape, they are regarded as the classic white pearl.

I personally love mine between 6 and 8.5mm in size.

Freshwater pearls are way cheaper for several reasons. First, freshwater mussels are larger and can thus produce more pearls at a time than can saltwater oysters. As a result, freshwater pearls are more abundant. Those are the ones that you can find anywhere at very very low price points.

Nude shoes will elongate your legs. They’re the parfait trompe-l’oeil recommended with any pants, skirt, or dress, regardless of the models or heels.

A V-neck is recommended when you have a petite silhouette. The decolleté will make you look slightly taller.

A boat-neck is beautiful for every silhouette. It is one of the most elegant cut, regardless of the fabric and color.

My favorite combination is pairing natural colors with natural materials for an elevated look.

Wearing a monochrome look is my favorite signature. There is just something so chic about it!

Get to know your body shape and what fabrics, cuts, and brands suits you best.

Something incredibly flattering on you might not look so good on someone else. When you know your shape and body, you instantly know if something you see in the window of a store would fit you. Recognized your best features and angles and use them every chance you have.

Get to know your color palette!

There are undeniably some colors that suits you better than others.

Discover that magical shade that makes your eyes pop, your face glow and that gives you that little je-ne-sais-quoi!

Transforming your day to night look is not something really common in France. French women usually just go out as they are. However, you can easily add fresh bright lipstick, a dash of blush, trade your cute flats for little cat heels, and as a little extra, take off your pretty silk scarf from your purse’s handles and attach it to your ponytail or bun!

Pay attention to details! You can be dressed in a simple monochrome outfit like any color paperbag pants and a fitted silk blouse/camisole with some loafers and a silk scarf around your neck or around your ponytail and some nice sunglasses. It really doesn't take any longer to dress that way than to put on yoga pants and a tank top and it's just as comfy!

Remember, the attention is always in the details!

Invest in a few nice scarfs, stylish hats & sunglasses (they don't have to be from a designer, just to fit the shape of your face).

Try to only choose one feature to show! Your beautiful legs with something a little more conservative on top, or an elegant blouse showing your decollete, elbows & arms with something longer, less revealing like a pencil skirt or wide-legged trousers, for example.

Both together would be a bit much.

When possible, just drapes your coat/jacket/blazer over your shoulders for an instantly polished look! This work for men and women.

Try to always be appropriately dressed, for any occasion by decoding and understanding dress codes. Whether you're running to the supermarket to grab a baguette, or attending the most fabulous black-tie gala. Dressed appropriately, neatly, elegantly (even if it's with a very simple outfit!), and with dignity, at all times.

Stay away from:

- Never wear flip-flops if you’re not in the direct vicinity of a pool or large body of water.

- Yoga pants wore as a normal, everyday outfit (please don't hate me, I know it's a hard one! :)

- Avoid distressed jeans, shorts, or distressed anything, really.

- Stay away from nylon, acrylic, and synthetic fabrics, they're cheap and it shows.

- Anything too revealing (while it's TOTALLY encouraged to be proud of your body and to show some skin, sometimes a lady needs to leave something to the imagination)

- Avoid really high-heels (reading anything above 8-10 centimeters), they’re outdated and not elegant.

- Stay away from hard, artificial, bright neon colors, as they never elevate any look.

- Skintight clothes

- Showing too much cleavage

- Super short skirts/shorts

- Metallic-effect

- Sheer Dresses

- Crop tops (especially if you're over 14 years old)

- Never, ever, ever (NEVER) show any underwear. Very bad taste

Again remember the keywords: Timeless, Elegant and Subtle

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