Let's talk about Personal Image!

Today, I wanted to start a little series about personal image and style. This will be the first of several articles on the subject, so stay tuned if interested! <3

French girl style is well-known around the world to be exceptionally chic and while hard to explain, I’d say it’s all about effortless elegance. It’s looking put together, without looking like you tried too hard or spent hours in front of the mirror. It’s confidence in what you wear and, of course, in who you are.

As a beautiful, elegant lady you should always value style & comfort, but not too much the way we do in the United States. The French girl wants to be comfortable, but not to the point that she will go out in yoga pants and flip flops. For the French girl, jeans and ballet flats are comfortable enough to be chic without sacrificing style.

Again, it is all about effortless elegance!

Your outfits should typically highlight one statement piece, instead of being comprised of two or three statement pieces each of which competes for attention. Anything more than that would be criard and consider a lil’ tacky.

Ever heard about the “Poor Mindset”?

I’m not a huge fan of that terminology nor that description, but let’s use it as an illustration. (All these tips are just pointers and you’re more than welcome to apply as you please.)

So the Poor Mindset, Is basically when you start adding more bling, more glitter, bigger, bulkier pieces of jewelry, more makeup, and frantically adding and adding and adding, even more, thinking it will make you look more sophisticated, powerful and affluent, which, without fail has the opposite effect.

You might want to select wearing a simple tailored button-down shirt, with casual black pants or blue jeans, a solid-colored ballet flat, and a statement scarf by Hermès, or a statement leather bag by a local French designer.

Sometimes it’s the shoes, sometimes it’s the jacket or shirt, but each time a French girl wears a look-at-me piece, it’s typically only once per outfit.

A great way to get started with ​your Personal ​Style revamping is by adopting the 5-Piece French Wardrobe philosophy.

Build a closet of reliable basics to create a solid foundation for each outfit. Don’t follow trends unless you really believe they will last and don’t be scared to invest in quality pieces.

These are just a few of the cardinal French style rules that Parisian women tend to follow.

In essence, the French girl style is simply about enhancing the beautiful and confident woman you already are.

It’s also never ever about the brand. Not everyone has the means to buy designer clothes and that is okay, don’t let Instagram fool you.

I’m all about smart financial decisions and mastering your budget to increase your net worth. Money is always better in your savings/investment accounts than spent on a pair of shoes. For example, a beautiful, well fitted black blazer is an incontournable piece in every wardrobe, no need for it to be Yves Saint Laurent!

I can’t insist enough on the importance of choosing the highest quality that you can personally afford and then caring for those pieces so that they last as long as possible.

Now, that said, each of us is at different stages in our lives and each of us has different budgets, and none of us should be left out of looking and feeling our best because of either.

Get creative with your outfit combinations and mix and match what you have in new ways.