Empowered Women Empower Women!

Women entrepreneurs are becoming the superpowers of the more recent blogging and online world. The number of women entrepreneurs is increasing year after year, especially here in the United States. So how can we support our fellow women entrepreneurs? I’m outlining 4 ways you can lend a hand! 


Failure is the key to success. If you have a close friend or relative who is experiencing some not-so-great times in their business, let them know that it’s okay AND normal to experience a bit of failure. To be successful, ideas will fail and then it is up to you to rebuild them and make them stronger than ever.


When becoming an entrepreneur, there are likely tons of other women who are doing the same thing. One thing that you can do in your women entrepreneurial networks and groups is to help others find and identify their niche. In many Facebook groups for women entrepreneurs, a common question is how to differentiate one’s business in a crowded industry, and often times it takes an outsider’s view and quick audit to help identify and carve out what makes a particular business unique.


What does it mean to be a mentor? In addition to the points I’ve outlined above, it means helping (when asked) with some of the details. Does your fellow women entrepreneur know about resources available? Do they have a business plan? While you certainly don’t need to micromanage, mentioning these details will make the world of a difference to someone just starting out. On the flip side, you should also not be afraid to ask for help. We live a time when there are so many people working towards the same goal of making it in the industry. Instead of creating an atmosphere for competition, create an atmosphere of idea-sharing and support.


Build up their confidence! If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either, especially clients. Help them believe in what they’re selling and make sure customers know that others believe it in. This means staying engaged with the members of your community on social platforms, and often times offering support with likes, shares, and comments. Often, starting out in entrepreneurship can be the most empowering time in one’s life. But becoming a women entrepreneur is not easy and it’s not for everyone. Going into it with an open mind and knowing your value is extremely important in the survival of this new business.

Pass this mindset onto a women entrepreneur that you know, and watch them grow!