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Arthur Malcolm Stevens

Our beautiful baby boy was born on 02/20/22 at 2:22 am and our hearts are so very full of joy!

If I say I've been meaning to write on here for weeks, it'll be an understatement. We literally had no time, but then i guess that's expected when you have a newborn :)

Days and weeks are a complete joyful but exhausting blur.

I might detail my birth story in a later post, but for now, all I can say is that we had THE best experience someone can hope for at Banner Estrella Hospital. Every nurse, doctor, aide went above and beyond and made our delivery something we'll remember forever.

I always had huge admiration and respect for hospital staff without completely realizing the full extent of what they do, and boy oh boy, these people are real heroes! Nurses will always and forever have a special spot in my heart (we brought Crumbl cookies for the entire staff of the Labor & Delivery and the Postpartum ward the next day as a small token of appreciation!)

Now we're home enjoying our precious bundle of joy and enjoying every second of it!

I'll let you with these few photos that Valerie Joy Photography took of our little family when Arthur was 3 weeks old.


11Golden Sunset Photo Making Memories Quote Instagram Post.jpg

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