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After years of climbing the corporate ladder in upper management positions in Brussels, Paris, New York, and L.A., I decided to follow my bliss and quit my 9-5. Through my journey of growth and healing, I have accumulated vast knowledge and techniques from many sources. I want to use this knowledge to help YOU learn, become and master your BEST self. To help you achieve your dreams and live a grand, magnificent life!


I'm a hands-on influential leader, and I like to see myself as the guide leading you through the process of finding your own breakthrough!

My approach is a curiosity-based asking method where you solve your own problems and explore new paths and ways of thinking.


I'll help you see how limitless is your potential and how life is prosperous, beautiful, and abundant. I'm here to help, guide, encourage, cheer, listen, and grow alongside you!



Together, we can :

  • Design a vision of the life you want, filled with meaning, purpose, and growth.

  • Explore your identity, roles, and core values. 

  • Create a plan and take actionable steps towards creating a life you truly love.



So let's get started, shall we? 

Natalie, Vienna

"Julie's guidance, support, and wisdom have helped me gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and overcome challenges I once thought were insurmountable. Through her coaching, I've discovered my strengths, built resilience, and developed a strong, invicible mind!"

Rose, Paris

"As someone who was initially skeptical about life coaching, I must say that my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Working with my life coach has helped me gain a more positive mindset, set smart goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve them."

Ashley, San Diego

" Julie is awesome! I now feel way more awake, focused, and empowered to navigate life's complexities and achieve personal growth. I highly recommend life coaching to anyone seeking positive change and a deeper understanding of themselves."

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